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Windows look great but can leave your property vulnerable to break-ins. Adding security film ensures your glass will remain intact when impacted, making it more difficult and time-consuming for intruders to gain access. Our security film is made of multiple layers of polyester film bonded together to form a heavy-duty, high tensile coating. A patented technology adhesive is used to affix the film to the glass. This provides impressive impact energy absorption, glass fragment retention and extreme penetration resistant qualities.

All our Edge Lock sealant is installed 2-3 days after the film installation process as it is important that the films be totally moisture-free. This final step is carried out by our experienced glazier.

Window Security Film Perth’s edge locking system also addresses potential weak spots around the edges of windows, providing even greater peace of mind. This construction glazing adhesive is applied once the film has been installed and is dry, typically 2 to 3 days later. It forms a bond between the film and the existing window frame ensuring your window is as secure as it can possibly be.

Our security films provide the added benefit of UV protection.

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Windows can be responsible for exposure to harmful UV rays, excessive glare and increased energy costs. Our solar film can reduce heat loss through windows by 92% in winter and block 82% of heat gain in summer.

Not only do our solar films create a more comfortable indoor temperature all year round, but they also deflect harsh glare and filter out 99% of harmful UV rays, preventing fading of floors, furniture and merchandise.

There are many benefits to having solar film added to your windows, including privacy (one-way vision film), Heat (solar radiation) reduction with only a small reduction in the amount of light allowed through (on average about 6%), and we also have UV only films which prevent fading of your window coverings, carpets and furniture, without affecting the look of your windows – IE they are transparent and your windows will look the same as before. Our UV films eliminate 87% of the sun’s damaging rays.

With many tints and options available, including metal-based films, you can opt for invisible solar protection or select opaque and reflective films which can provide enhanced privacy during daylight hours.

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Frosted and decorative glass is a great way to maximise natural light whilst also maintaining privacy. Window Security Film Perth offers a huge range of decorative film solutions ideal for use on bathroom windows, front doors, balcony balustrades and in office partitioning.

From complete privacy through to filtered visibility, you can select from a wide variety of patterns or we can custom design a solution to suit your specific needs.

Using high-quality films from manufacturers like Llumar, our decorative window films will deliver the look you’re after for a fraction of the cost of traditional etched glass.

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Prevent your windows from becoming ‘tagged’ or scratched by mindless vandals. Vandalised windows can impair visibility into your shop or showroom as well as detract from your branding. Window Security Film Perth’s anti-graffiti film is designed to be a cost-effective method to protect windows from vandals scratching or damaging the glass panels. It can be removed and replaced leaving the glass in as-new condition. Significantly more cost-effective than replacing glass, our anti-graffiti window film also eliminates 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting carpets, fixtures and merchandise from sun fading. Having installed anti-graffiti film for many organisations, including The City of Perth, we are known for providing the highest quality window films expertly installed at the most competitive rates.

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Why Choose Us For Window Security Films in Perth?

Windows are a key architectural feature in every home and building. Modern design trends have resulted in, not only more prolific use of windows, but also a significant increase in their size. Whilst large expanses of glass look fantastic and are great for maximising natural light, they are not without their disadvantages.

When considering homes or businesses to burgle, intruders will generally seek out easy targets. Large windows, particularly those low to the ground, or in areas not visible from the street, represent opportunities for criminals to quickly gain access to a property. Installing our heavy-duty window security film will hold your glass in place in the event of an impact making it that much more difficult for would-be burglars to break through. The considerable increase in the time it takes to break through glass treated with security film creates a deterrent and is generally sufficient incentive for intruders to give up and try another property.

In addition to leaving your property more vulnerable to break-ins, large windows and glass doors can be responsible for excessive heat transfer and exposure to UV rays. Heat transfer through glass can be responsible for up to 40% of a building’s heat loss in winter and up to 80% of heat gain during summer. Harmful UV rays also penetrate your windows and can result in sun damage to your floors and furniture as well as increasing your risk of skin cancer.

Window Security Film Perth is the go-to expert for all types of window security, solar and decorative films and will ensure your home or business is protected from Perth’s harsh climate as well as burglars, vandals and prying eyes. Window Security Film Perth has been servicing Perth’s residential and commercial market for over 15 years, and we have been working in the industry for over 3 decades.

Fully insured, we install the highest quality window security, solar and decorative films from reputable brands such as 3M and Llumar. Our expertise in both the technical and installation aspects in Window Film products will deliver superior results at competitive prices and ensure you can protect your property for less than you may think. Window Security Film Perth is a family owned, mobile operator which means we’ll come to you at your home or business at a convenient time.

We strive to deliver the highest level of customer service at all times. Whether you’re a residential or commercial client, you’ll enjoy a single point of contact, ensuring your requirements are clearly understood and professionally executed.

With 30 years’ experience installing security, solar, decorative and anti-graffiti films in homes, offices and shops, Window Security Film Perth can look after all your window protection needs.

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